Group of friends enjoying Minneapolis in August

Summer vacations are something we all look forward to, needing the break from real life, enjoying the step back to a time where the days were long and filled with possibilities and nothing urgent, and serving as a reminder that we are never too young or too old for travel. For those whose summer journeys bring them to Minneapolis in August, the last month of seasonal freedom, they can expect a softer experience, one with warmth, but without scorching heat, and one filled with all the comforts of home as they choose Minnestay for their seasonal sanctuaries.

Minneapolis In August: The Top Things to Do

Today’s guide to Minneapolis in August will help paint a clearer picture of what the most idyllic summer getaway will look like, helping first time visitors fill the minutes with fun and happiness.

Events in August: Music & Movies Event Series, Various Parks, Every Night

If you come from warmer climates, you may be wondering how anyone can think of being outside in August, but that is the beauty of Minneapolis in the summer. Daytime temps rarely reach above the high 80s and when the sun sets, the cool night air convinces everyone that outside is the only place to be and our Minneapolis Parks Music & Movies event series takes full advantage of the cooler temps. Every night is music night, and the venues, Bryant Square Park, Lake Harriet Bandshell, Minnehaha Bandstand (to name just a few) bring the music alive as guests gather with lawn chairs, blankets, and coolers filled with beverages ready to celebrate this last month of summer with music of all types. The movies you can see will be ones the entire family can enjoy (Barbie, Clue, and Kung Fu Panda 4, as examples) bringing participants closer together.

1. Fringe Festival, August 1-11

Celebrating the live performance arts Fringe Festivals began in Scotland nearly 75 years ago and was named after its location, held on the outskirts of town, or in other words, on the fringe. The Minnesota Fringe Festival began in 1994 with just 52 shows and has grown exponentially to over 600 performances of over 100 shows today. Participants are chosen on a lottery system ensuring that the magic is possible for every performer and guests are enthralled by each and every show held in 7 different venues throughout town. Offering live performances from multiple genres, fun games (check out their Fringo game!) and so much more, this event is destined to be your favorite part of the show.

2. Downtown Minneapolis Street Art Festival, August 10

Remembering the days when a box of chalk and a blank driveway were all we needed for a good time, the Downtown Minneapolis Street Art Festival takes sidewalk art to new levels. Talented artists spend many hours on their hands and knees creating masterpieces that will be washed away in the first rainstorm, but add vibrance and color to the downtown area all the same and live music, great food, games, and artisan crafts complete the picture of a fun summer festival.

Great Food, Wonderful Happy Hours, and Serene Surroundings

These are just a few of the ways you can experience Minneapolis at its best in August, but perhaps your favorite moments won’t be at the Butcher’s Tale, where Social Hour meals just hit right, or checking out one of our favorite bars. Maybe your favorite moments will be the delicious meal you enjoy at our favorite special occasion restaurant, Meritage.

Book Your Stay This Summer

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