Calendar of Events

Minneapolis is a lively city with an upcoming event, festival, or concert seemingly around every corner! We want you to experience the events that make our state so unique and worthy of a visit. With so much happening year-round, it‘s no secret that Minnesota events attract many travelers each year, especially to the Mini Apple. Exciting sports games, unique cultural celebrationsand events for nearly every interest area all contributes to the amazing culture of Minneapolis, and exploring these events is one of the best ways to experience it for yourself. From events featuring local eats and artists to Vikings games and live music, your group will surely find something that captures your interest and makes your trip even more memorable. Browse some of the best and most popular Minnesota events below to help you plan your trip and discover exciting, worthwhile ways to fill your itinerary. Plus, our concierge service team is available to answer questions and even provide recommendations.  

Please note that some events may be rescheduled, canceled, or affected by COVID-19. For more timely information about the status of these events, please visit the event websites.  

If you see something enticing that you would like to be part of, be sure to book your stay in our Minneapolis vacation rentals in advance! Many of the events listed below are rather popular, so it’s important that you plan ahead to ensure you get your first choice of accommodations. Browse our vacation rentals now to find one that meets all your needs. 

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