Weisman Art Museum exterior.

Art has always been a universal language amongst cultures and groups of people since the day humans figured out how to make markings on rocks. Since then, different areas of the world have cultivated numerous thriving art communities. From Italy to Los Angeles, art is everywhere, and here in our beautiful midwest home is a host of incredible artistic talents. When you stay with us at Minnestay for your next Minnesota vacation, check out all of our galleries, studios, and art districts for an unforgettable experience.


“Birds of a feather flock together” is a popular saying, and it rings true for the most part. In Minneapolis and St Paul, artists far and wide are drawn to the considerably large presence of our art community. Whether it is students attending MCAD, the Minnesota Institute of Art, or the University of Minnesota or artists working on growing their techniques and sharing their works at places like the Walker Art Center, the Twin Cities is a creator’s hub. When you put as many creative minds in one area like the Twin Cities, it is bound to produce some fascinating things. You will often see various murals and sculptures as you explore including a scattered collection of the Peanuts around Hamline University. Stop in at coffee shops like Five Watt Coffee or SpyHouse to get the inside scoop on small galleries and places to catch amateur bands for free while discovering a new favorite drink.


When it comes to finding galleries to view art, there are a few that will easily consume a good portion of your day while many other small galleries dot the city streets. One gallery that is an absolute must-see for any art or history fanatic is the MIA or Minnesota Institute of Art. You will find art from all cultures and historical times; from Victorian aged paintings of rich azure and golds to ancient Asian sculptures made of gorgeous jade. Another intriguing art gallery to stop at on your Minnesota vacation is the Walker Art Center. On sunny days, you can wander through the Sculpture Garden and even play a game of mini golf or have a picnic with a view of the giant Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture in the middle of the park. Make sure to take a look through the exhibits indoors as well. You will find contemporary art by local artists as well as international works that rotate regularly. There are often exhibits done by students and even employees as well.


The next time you are looking for a way to quench your artistic thirsts, stay with us at Minnestay and discover all of the incredible art galleries Minnesota has in the Twin Cities area. You are sure to find something to inspire you and ignite a creative spark within when you discover the fantastic art opportunities in Minneapolis and St Paul. Embark on an artistic journey with the art communities of the Twin Cities on a Minnesota vacation with Minnestay.