The Finest Corporate Rentals in Minneapolis

Corporate & Monthly Rentals in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Business people who often travel to unfamiliar cities, sometimes for long periods, need a comfortable, convenient, and homelike haven to temporarily put down roots. Long-term rentals tend to be much more spacious and cost-effective than your average hotel, particularly for those traveling in small groups or, perhaps, with the family. There are several ingredients to consider when sifting through an array of potential long-term vacation rentals, including location, on-site amenities, price, and flexibility. And Minnestay, particularly its various Sable condominiums in North Loop Minneapolis, knows a thing or two about long-term, and monthly rentals in Minneapolis.

The Minnestay Difference: Discover North Loop

Most of our Minneapolis corporate housing lies in up-and-coming North Loop. For those unfamiliar with the area, North Loop was merely a warehouse district a decade ago. After the construction of Target Field, countless bars, breweries, clubs, and restaurants moved into this once modest neighborhood. Today, North Loop is home to dozens of sophisticated long-term apartment rentals that tower above the bustling streets. Unlike a typical, overpriced hotel, Minnestay’s fleet of long-term rentals features a wide range of amenities, including full kitchens, free parking, ample square footage, uniquely and professionally designed living areas, and exclusive gathering spaces.

Extensive Concierge Services

Because most people who utilize our long-term rentals are not from the region, it’s important to note that we have a dedicated concierge team that can help you get acquainted with your new or temporary home. Reminder: We specialize in corporate rentals that are equally convenient, sleek, fully furnished, and eclectic at locations that simply cannot be outmatched. Please give us a call today at 612-216-5511 to speak with a reservationist.

Long-Term Rentals in the Twin Cities

Exterior of a Minneapolis house at night.Whether you’re moving to the city, temporarily relocated to the Twin Cities for work, or need a place to stay during a home remodel, you’ll quickly find a long-term rental that suits your spatial needs, style, and budget. Many of these luxury lofts in Minneapolis cater specifically toward families or small groups of businesspeople who haven’t settled on real estate or plan to be in town for an extended period of time. The sheer variety of rental possibilities here at Minnestay ensures that we can accommodate every type of tenant. Whether you need a rental for seven days or an entire year, we have a place just for you and many are fully furnished! Please fill out our form to learn more about the area’s finest long-term home rentals.

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