Text: #Icecastles

Every winter, many Minnesotans look forward to a magical spectacle that captures the wonder of winter and offers a unique experience for people of all ages. The Ice Castles in Minnesota are larger-than-life ice structures that open every winter for locals and visitors alike to walk through and enjoy. During your winter cabin rentals MN stay with Minnestay, make your way to the shores of Lake Minnetonka where this wonderful family-friendly event takes over Excelsior.


There are few places that you can find an attraction like the Minnesota Ice Castles. Many have seen sandcastles and sand sculptures in the south, but in the great north, we use ice to create large structures that you can walk through. There is usually a fun ice slide, colorfully lighted tunnels, snow and ice sculptures, and even a fountain. Walk through the castles in awe as sparkling stalactite icicles hang securely like glistening chandeliers and snap pictures along the way to hold onto the memories forever.


There are a few key things that will help you enjoy the most of the ice castles during your stay in our winter cabin rentals MN. This is an outdoor event, and the structures are entirely formed by ice and snow. Therefore, it is essential to be dressed for winter weather. Wear boots, a jacket, hat, and gloves to stay warm, and it is suggested to have kids wear snow pants as they will likely want to take a few trips down the ice slide. If you have young children, bring a small sled to carry them through the castles as the floors are made of snow and can make it extremely difficult to push a stroller. You can buy tickets before arriving on the Ice Castles website so that you do not need to stand in line in the cold to purchase your tickets, as well.


There are endless fun winter activities in MN, and when you stay with Minnestay, we encourage you to explore all of them! The Minnesota Ice Castles is only one of many attractions to see when you stay in our winter cabin rentals MN, and many others are just a hop and a skip away. Whether you choose to stay in one of our luxury lakeside rentals, elegant estates, North Loop condos, or cabins rentals, you cannot go wrong with a winter adventure with Minnestay!