Minnestay RV in front of Minneapolis skyline.

When it comes to renting your RV, there are many aspects of the vehicle which need special attention. While you should absolutely care about who is renting the vehicle and where they intend to travel, it is your responsibility to prepare the vehicle with the best of intentions. In fact, negligence is often the most costly aspect of renting your RV and as you will see, this is largely avoidable. Maintenance and preparation are everything in the rental business and this is precisely what will help you avoid complaints and put you in a position to continue renting your RV with a distinct peace of mind.

With that said, here is a rental guide with tips for renting your RV and advice on preparing your pride and joy for the ultimate RV rental experience:


Every State in the United States has their own unique laws. If unsure, you can contact an insurance agency, but then you should also check as to whether a business license is required. In most instances, you will need a license to gain financially from RV rental.


Indeed, you need customers but at the same time, there are some customers you absolutely need to avoid. When renting your RV to a stranger, you should always ensure they have valid identification and perform a quick background check on their driving record.


Deciding on the price of an RV Rental can be a tricky process. Initially, perform a search on rental websites to see the price of competitions RV rentals Minneapolis. That being said, you will also need to take the make or model of these vehicles into account and price the RV accordingly. As a rule, aim for the middle and avoid coming across as either cheap or overpriced.


Indeed, the rental advertisement should contain relevant information only but lack of information is often a reason why renters do not proceed with an inquiry. For this reason, place as much information as possible in the advertisement and seek to answer every last question for which you think the renter might have about renting your RV.


Are you okay with your guests taking pets along in the RV? You will need to be clear on this aspect and not assume that the person renting your RV will simply know about it without you informing them one way or the other.


Although the maximum occupancy of your RV will dictate the number of people who can travel, there are further repercussions when you fail to set a maximum occupancy. For example, are you happy with renting your RV to a group who intend to party the weekend away inside your pride and joy?


Finally, seek to provide an exceptional customer service experience and know that this is often the reason you will receive rave reviews. Moreover, always ask questions and tell your guests to inform you of anything with which they are unhappy.


While maintaining and preparing an RV rental in Minneapolis is essential in terms of costs, there is also an issue regarding liability. That is to say, if the vehicle returns with any damage or ineffective parts, you will know precisely the condition of these parts prior to renting your RV. At the same time, for the sake of satisfaction and longevity, paying care and attention to the maintenance of your vehicle is usually the secret to successfully renting your RV.

The process of finding trustworthy renters and ensuring that all of your legal and tax affairs are in order can be a time-consuming task. Don’t have the time? Let us help. Minnestay RV rental management can make your process of earning extra cash by renting your RV a simply one. Contact us today to learn more.