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In spite of a yearning wanderlust to explore the rest of the world, few destinations offer the same natural diversity and outdoor recreation as the United States. In a similar sense, Minnesota is also a vacation destination which is often overlooked by travelers in favor of the more famous attractions such as the Grand Canyon, or the majestic Niagara Falls in New York State.

Sure, these attractions are worth visiting but the truth is Minnesota is home to some of the most memorable experiences, with thousands of scintillating lakes and a vast number of wilderness regions occupied by wildlife at every turn. Furthermore, this is also where you will find your dreamy vacation house rental and some of the most impressive surroundings you are likely to encounter anywhere in the States.

As already mentioned, Minnesota is an outdoor haven where endless lakes and wilderness areas offer ample opportunity to get outdoors. With this in mind, many visitors to the region will plan their trip around the National Parks which feature a large number of rugged hiking trails, exciting water-based activities and unforgettable wildlife encounters. With this in mind, here is a quick snapshot of the most popular National Parks in Minnesota:

Here are five springtime vacation destinations in Minnesota that you should actually consider for your next adventure:


Located in the southwest of Minnesota, Lake Minnetonka is a stunning lake surrounded by a number of small towns. Initially, Minnetonka was a popular escape from the particular hot climate down south but as more and more visitors arrived, the lakeside was eventually the subject of interest from those looking to invest and build properties. For this reason, you can now find some of the most enticing vacation homes in Minnesota on this stunning lake.

Unfortunately for local businesses, recent development have caused a dip in the number of visitors in the area with the construction of transport links bypassing this lakeside destination. Though that is to the advantage of tourists, as Lake Minnetonka now offers a rather quiet and secluded destination for those wanting to escape the city and avoid the tourist crowds which seem to dominate other popular attractions.


Superior National Forest is almost like a fairytale, where luscious canopies are accompanied by wildflowers and the sounds of the wild. Although Lutsen Resort Lodge is one of the popular places to stay, the stunning variety of vacation homes along the North shore are often more exciting. That is to say, each of these rental properties has a distinct personality which can seem so much more interesting in such a beautiful setting. Featuring stone fireplaces, hand-made beams, and chic furnishings, these vacation homes are often the highlight of a trip to Lutsen.

The benefit of sitting on a deck at one of these properties is usually the scenery as either a majestic lake or enchanting forest provides beautiful surroundings at a cabin in Lutsen. Whether you trek in search of crystallized waterfalls and raging rivers, go cycling through the forest or take a trip out on the lake; Lutsen is sure to stay in the mind long after you leave.


Although we mentioned the isolation of Lake Minnetonka, Wabasha is arguably the most sought-after vacation destination in Minnesota for couples. Featuring quaint vacation homes and quiet country roads, there is a certain isolation here which is often absent in tourist destinations. In many ways, this is also what makes Minnesota such a beautiful place to visit, for there are few tourists compared to most destinations and just as much natural beauty to encounter.

Wabasha is a historic town located on the famous Mississippi River and features some of the most majestic surroundings in Minnesota. From tundra swans and bald eagles to an endless lineup of other bird life, this is also a wildlife reserve which offers a little something extra to the nearby hiking trails. On the other hand, hiking is just one of many activities in the region with kayaking and river tubing popular on the river and winery tours offering an alternative to the outdoors.

Finally, the vacation homes in Wabasha blend seamlessly with the surroundings and offer a quiet refuge to the weary traveler. Whether you want a grand house on the hill with majestic panoramas or just a quiet hideaway where you can drink in the scenery from the porch; Washaba is possible the small town Minnesota you were hoping to find in the region.


Duluth is possible the most famous and popular destination in Minnesota which features a beautiful lake, luscious forests, and towering peaks. While this natural haven is perfect for exploring the town, there is also a town nearby which offers several inviting places to eat or sample the local nightlife.

Renting out a cabin in Duluth is a rather easy process and there is no end to selection in this regard. Quite often, the vacation house rental is secluded and remote while others are within walking distance of both the lake and nearby amenities. Aside from the accommodation, this is also an outdoor lover’s paradise with many recreational parks and hiking trails such as Chester Park and the Lincoln Park Trail. Conversely, visitors can also take the lake and enjoy some charter fishing or alternatively, just rent a boat to take in a different perspective of the region.

Although it must also be said that Duluth was recently voted the “best town ever” in Outside Magazine which is a testament to the hospitality and general location of the hub itself? Either way, the sublime mix of this vibrant town and nearby outdoor pursuits makes this worthy of the lofty reputation.


Two Harbors is another town which is often overlooked for the bigger name destinations. However, there are so many things to do in the region. One in particular is nearby Gooseberry Falls State Park, which is one of the hidden gems in Minnesota.

While Castle Brewery is a popular attraction for those passing through town, the natural attractions near Two Harbors is undoubtedly the highlight. Take Split Rock Lighthouse for example, where the rugged cliffs and scenic paths feel a million miles from the major towns. Superior Hiking Trail also runs past Two Harbors which makes this a perfect place to explore some of the paths while the above mentioned Gooseberry Falls State Park is the perfect place to spend the day outdoors. Featuring a stunning waterfall and winding paths lined with wildflowers, the park is luscious all the way through and offers some excellent viewpoints of the surroundings in between.

Last but certainly not least, the lakeside homes and vacation house rental opportunities near Two Harbors offer everything from full-sized homes on the lake to small and quiet cabins in the woods. In fact, if you envision some quiet nights around a campfire beneath the stars, this is arguably the best place in Minnesota to consider a vacation house rental.


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