Men at a bar with beers.

It’s not uncommon for a group of best friends to take a trip and have a blast away from the obligations of the daily grind. If you and your crew are looking for your next epic guys getaway, look no further than the Twin Cities. When it comes to places to go in Minnesota for a fun time with your friends, Minnestay has a few suggestions for the best getaway imaginable!


If the smell of octane filling the air and the sound of revving engines gets your hearts pumping, head to the Brainerd Drag Strip for a day of fast cars and racing. From bike races to drag cars, the Brainerd International Raceway hosts a variety of events that will have any motorsport fanatic brimming with excitement.  Whether you have a vehicle of your own that you want to put to the test or simply enjoy cracking a cold one with the guys and watching drivers push their skills to the limits, you can find an array of events for that perfect night with your crew.


Imagine entering an epic battle with your best buddies in a fierce face-off. Each of you will be ducking to avoid “kill-shots” from the opposing team and aiming for that lethal blow that will leave the enemy a colorful mess of paint. Experience one of the most fun places to go in Minnesota for an epic paintball experience with Splatball, the indoor paintball arena. Team up or challenge each other to some friendly competition as you enter the arena and have a blast painting the opposing team.


A typical game of golf may require you to spend the whole day maneuvering the quiet greens and hoping you don’t lose all of your golf balls in tall grass or water features. However, if you want to take your golf game to the next level and have a fun night, head to TopGolf for a rooftop experience that is out of this world. Unlike typical golf experiences, TopGolf is the perfect place to have some drinks and relax for an exciting evening of driving. There is a full bar, a billiards area, and this driving range is set up with various holes that for an interesting way to test your aim and have fun with the guys.


When you are looking for an ideal getaway for you and the boys, there is no better area than the Twin Cities. Experience fantastic accommodations with Minnestay and discover all of the incredible places to go in Minnesota for fun activities your crew will love. So, grab your best buds and head to the Twin Cities for an unforgettable guys getaway with Minnestay!