Close up of violin player.

Music has a way of moving people with the simplest sounds coming together into masterpiece songs that have the power to bring out any emotion in listeners. At the end of summer, there is a music festival that comes to Brainerd that you won’t want to miss. Stay with us at Minnestay and get lost in a symphony with the Lake Area Music Festival, a Brainerd music festival consisting of musicians from all over the state coming together to perform in harmony.


Throughout the year, talented musicians from all over come together to put together masterpieces and perform various styles of music during the Lake Area Music Festival. Appalachian Spring and other performances that take place during many of the events held, host a number of musicians and groups for spectators to marvel. There is a full calendar to see what performances are held throughout the seasons and which Brainerd music events you would like to attend while staying with Minnestay.


With all of the talented performers involved in the Lake Area Music Festival, there tends to be much more than music alone to entertain spectators. There are often theatrical events that tie dance, acting, and music all together in wonderful performances that capture the emotion of each note and fill the stage with mesmerizing motion. Along with various events, there are programs for those who would like to get involved beyond merely enjoying artistic performances. Open rehearsals, mentorships, and more offer artists of all ages the opportunity to participate and expand their skills while honing in on their passion for music.


When you stay with us at Minnestay, discover this incredible Brainerd music experience along with all of the other fascinating attractions. Whether you are staying in one of our beautiful luxury estates or secluded lake cabins, you can delight in a number of memorable events with the Lake Area Music Festival and much more! Visit our website for even more ideas to add to your itinerary for the best Minnesota vacation imaginable.