Irish Festival crowd in St Paul.

Once a year, the streets of St Paul, Minnesota flood with green in celebration of St Patrick’s Day. Whether you are Irish or not, celebrate with the Twin Cities community for an unforgettable series of events in honor of the Irish holiday! Many of our Minnestay cabins in Minnesota, luxury estates, and condos are only a short distance so that you can participate in all of the best parts of the holiday while having a safe and cozy accommodation awaiting your return each night.


Historically, St Paul was founded with a strong presence of Irish settlers that heavily influenced the community that you see today. Whether it is the hearty amount of Irish pubs, the Center For Irish Music, Irish dance studios, or the Irish Fair of Minnesota, you can still feel the Emerald Isle’s influence today. You can experience quite a bit of Irish culture in St Paul, and during the LuckyPalooza you can immerse yourself in a Minnesota tradition that celebrates the vibrant culture of our Irish past.


Aside from the Irish Fair of Minnesota that is held in August, St Patrick’s Day morphs St Paul into a green sea of festive folks. Watch the parade make its way down through the city while enjoying the sounds of Celtic tunes and sampling various Irish beverages. There is a tent party that includes a shuttle to the parade, live music, and, of course, a pint or two. Various businesses, vendors, and entertainment groups create a fun environment full of different events and things to do in St Paul and nearby your Minnestay vacation rentals and cabins in Minnesota.


We encourage you to come and celebrate one of the largest events in the Twin Cities this St Patrick’s Day when you stay with us at Minnestay. Grab all of your green garb and head to Minnesota for a unique Irish experience in the heart of downtown St Paul. Book your favorite vacation rentals and cabins in Minnesota with us at Minnestay and get ready for a hearty Irish celebration that you will never forget!