By now, you likely know all about the Twin Cities’ soaring craft beer scene in both lively Minneapolis and understated St. Paul. But a new movement has officially caught the attention of those with a fondness of fine spirits: craft distilling. Minnesotans never lost their desire for beautifully-concocted cocktails after Prohibition was repealed. However, it wasn’t until the 21st century that highly-skilled entrepreneurs once again began to mull over the idea of building a distillery in Minneapolis from scratch, using nothing but grit, dexterity, and passion for spirits. Today, micro-distilleries are popping up all over the Twin Cities like dandelions in late May—and we’re not complaining. The majority of Minnestay’s city lofts, luxury estates, and lake homes are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from a potential distillery tour. As always, please drink responsibly!

Locating the Best Distillery in Minneapolis

Here in 2020, all you have to do is search for a “distillery near me” to obtain a jumbled inventory of the area’s “best” options. Finding a distillery in Minneapolis is easy. Finding the distillery that’s just right for your group, however, is no simple task. To ensure that your upcoming escape into the heart of the Twin Cities is nothing short of spectacular, we’ve selected our three favorite distilleries (as been seen below).


Norseman’s small-batch distillery in Minneapolis’ growing Mid-City Industrial neighborhood continues to thrive, despite rampant competition from several breweries and cideries along Broadway Avenue. The $10 tour is a must as it provides a behind-the-scenes look at the distilling process quickly followed by an elaborate tasting. The tasting itself is worth the price of admission, not to mention the free post-tour cocktail. Norseman’s repurposed facility features towering ceilings, tons of natural light, a shaded front patio, and the raddest bar in town.

Lawless Distilling

Lawless Distilling’s dark, dimly-lit facility in South Minneapolis is an ode to the many long-forgotten speakeasies of the 1930s. Unlike the Norseman’s bright, gigantic distillery, Lawless’ small-scale barrel room is layered with nostalgia, romance, and a touch of danger (only kidding). The cocktails at this hidden gem are stiff, to say the least. The charismatic mixologists are not only immensely skilled at their craft, but they add an extra layer of panache that you don’t get anywhere else. Oh, and this trendy Twin Cities distillery is a hit around the holidays due to their flamboyant Christmas cheer.

Tattersall Distilling

With all due respect to Twin Spirits Distillery and Royal Foundry Craft Spirits, they never stood a chance against Tattersall Distilling. Tattersall is often regarded as the best distillery in Minneapolis because of its old-fashioned recipes, dazzling tasting room, and idyllic location. Lucky Northeast Minneapolis residents can easily walk to Tattersall, Sociable Cider Werks, and Indeed Brewing Company in one afternoon. Tattersall has a firm grip on the local bottling scene as you’ll likely spot their corn vodka, rye whiskey, and botanical gin in just about every liquor store. We tend to steer guests to Tattersall during the summer months because of the heavenly patio area.

Sophisticated Minneapolis Vacation Rentals

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