Minnehaha Falls frozen in winter.

One of the things that make travel such an incredible pastime is the vast array of new sites and encounters. Every new place adds something different and unique to the area. Minnestay wants to invite you to one of the best Midwest vacation spots to cross off three bucket list worthy attractions that you will not want to miss on your Minnesota vacation. Minnesota is full of exciting experiences that are just waiting for you to explore.


One of the most beautiful attractions that should be at the top of your bucket list is the frozen Minnehaha Falls. What were once roaring waterfalls that tumbled full force down the rocky cliffs have frozen in time, shimmering with ice crystals and frosty formations. The Minnehaha Falls walking trails will take you both above and below the waterfall so that you can see them from all angles. Every so often, a thrill-seeking rock climber will grab their spikes and carefully scale the stationary falls. During the cold and snowy winter, Minnehaha Falls become a staple for a real-life magical winter wonderland.


Though going to a movie may not seem like much of a bucket list item, when you catch a show at Riverview Theatre, it’s anything but ordinary. Take a step back in time with classic screenings of vintage films along with a good mix of modern cinematic releases. This 1950’s style theatre boasts a historical atmosphere as people young and old can get a taste of the good ol’ days. With $2 matinees and an infectiously fun atmosphere of laughter during comedies and screams during horror flicks, you will not find another theatre like the Riverview Theatre. Grab the essential popcorn and a soda, sit back, and enjoy the show the same way Grandma and Grandpa did years ago!


Ice skating is a fun pastime that many Midwesterners take part in all winter long. It is easy to see how a bit of ice skating would be considered a bucket list attraction here in the land of hockey and ice. Whether you are a local Minnesotan or from out of state, ice skating is a fantastic activity to try out. When you stay with Minnestay, you will be located right in the heart of one of the best Midwest vacation spots to experience ice skating. The Wells Fargo Ice Rink in downtown St Paul is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike to lace up and hit the ice. Skate around with the historic downtown buildings towering in the background for a fantastic cityscape backdrop. Another popular ice rink is outside the Mall of America in Minneapolis at Skate the Star. As the crowds hustle and bustle in the mall, relax and enjoy lapping the MOA Ice Rink for an afternoon of classic winter fun.


When you visit us at Minnestay, discover these three bucket list worthy attractions. What better way to experience a Minnesota winter than finding a few of the best winter happenings while you are here? Come and discover why the Twin Cities and Brainerd area is one of the best Midwest vacation spots and experience these three incredible experiences. Book one of our stunning Minnesota vacation rentals with Minnestay and explore the best of Minnesota with us!