Fireworks over Minneapolis.

Summer is the time for fun in the sun and all sorts of exciting festivals that take to the streets of the Twin Cities. When you stay in one of our Minnesota vacation rentals, head to one of the best summer festivals Minneapolis has for an unforgettable experience. Stay in one of our conveniently located Minnestay rentals and join us for the annual Minneapolis Aquatennial Fest!


Every year, the third week of July brings with it the Minneapolis Aquatennial. Indulge in four days of exciting festivities and celebrate one of the best summer festivals Minneapolis hosts. You can participate in an array of different activities. With blood drives, a 5k, local business open houses, firework displays, and various smaller festivals all wrapped into one, it is easy to see why the Minneapolis Aquatennial is one of the Twin Citie’s hottest events of the summer season. Each day brings something new and exciting, so you will want to keep up with the schedule for all of the different things happening around the city.


The Aquatennial started in 1939 to draw in tourists and create another grand regional event like the St Paul Winter Carnival. Inspired by the Canadian parade that was held in honor of King George VI and Queen Elizebeth, a few Minnesotan’s decided that something similar would significantly improve Minneapolis’s national reputation. It began to grow more and more while highlighting the array of incredible activities surrounding the Twin Cities and has been labeled as the “civic celebration” of Minneapolis. Adding more and more events like boat races, airshows, and the renowned Queen of the Lakes contest through the Minneapolis Aquetennial Ambassador Organization. There are three main draws to the celebration on top of nearly 70 different city-wide events: the Torchlight Parade, the Beach Bash, and the fireworks display that closes the festival on the final night of events.


Though this event was historically known as “The 10 Best Days of Summer,” financial and schedule conflicts have reduced the Aquatennial to a four-day event over the weekend. While the timeframe was scaled back, the celebration is still nothing short of spectacular. So, this summer, join us at Minnestay for one of the best summer festivals Minneapolis offers to celebrate our beautiful city and the incredible lake activities surrounding us. You will not want to miss this historical event!