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As a homeowner, you’ve a number of responsibilities to deal with. When it’s time to rent your vacation home to prospective travelers, several things should be on your checklist to attract the type of guests you’re looking for and have success in renting it. The vacation business can be quite tricky, but if you

take the time to make sure your property is in a good condition, you’re sure to attract people that are going to want to make a long-term stay at your vacation home.

It is imperative to attract the right sort of guest to maximize the rental income. For instance, majority of young professional couples will be searching for convenience, cleanliness and neutral colors.  They will expect a high-quality standard of interior decor, as well as a well-kept and well-maintained exterior.  Think what your prospective guest is likely to expect, depending on the location of the property.  Students, on the other hand, will have lower expectations than professionals; families more space orientated, with different needs than single people.

This article will provide you with a checklist that you need to consider to prepare your vacation home.


First and foremost is to go through each of your properties and check the functions. This means either going through it yourself or hiring a vacation property management to analyze the state of the electrical, the plumbing, the function of the heater, the function of the air conditioning unit, dripping taps and malfunctioning light switches. Address potential problem areas including roof leaks, clogged gutters, leaky pipes, driveway cracks, electrical outlets, and burnt-out light bulbs. Also, ensure you inspect your floors to make sure they are sound.

By going through your vacation home inch-by-inch and checking everything from the function of a ceiling fan to that of a broken furnace you’re doing yourself a big favor. Travelers are not only looking for a convenient location, but they are looking for a home that is already well taken care of. When your home functions properly, this shows the guest you’re a reliable owner.


You might consider painting the entire house or just the most used areas such as living room, entryway, or kitchen. Vacation property management can handle this efficiently. This will make your vacation home seem cleaner and brighter.


This could be an inexpensive option. Consider things like scenic photographs with islands, or local city shots or area attractions, have them printed and framed. This adds a personal touch and visual interest.


You might consider purchasing indoor or outdoor rugs. They have a look of regular area rugs but are mainly made for high traffic. The best part is you can hose them off, allow them to dry, and put them back in the house.


If you want to create a more plush bed for your guests, invest in a memory foam topper for your mattresses. Those without pillow tops tend to last longer. Buy and use higher quality sheets as well, to give the guests that luxury feel.


Ensure that all your home systems are working properly. Check loose wiring and malfunctioning pipes. Inspect your heating system and make sure that it is working. Once you see some needs for technical repairs, call a professional that could efficiently attend to your needs. Do not handle these repairs on your own, especially if you do not have the technical knowledge required to perform such actions. Keep in mind that keeping your home systems in good condition will please your potential guests. This would give them the chance to obtain essential needs such as heat, electricity, and water. Attracting more clients would be easier once you’ve succeeded in performing such repairs.


Travelers will feel more at ease if they have a safe place to live. Maybe you’ve decided to rent out a portion of your home, ensure the area is adequately separated and secured from the rest of your home. Things like smoke detectors should be in good working condition. The kitchen and each floor should be equipped with a fire extinguisher. You should also make sure the property is well protected.  This includes providing a decent window and door, checking that the burglar alarm is working.  This provides reassurance to your guest who will be unfamiliar with the workings around your vacation home during the first day and high profile guest for local burglars.


Cleanliness applies to furnishings and appliances, too. Ensure you provide valuable furnishings or fixtures. If you’re providing a furnished home, make sure everything you provide is in working order.


Extensive cleaning is definitely on your list as well. Nothing will turn off your guest more than a dirty place. It’s important that your vacation home smell fresh and looks clean when it’s being shown around to prospective guests by vacation home management. This means shampooing the carpets to remove stains, washing the walls, cleaning any appliances if you choose to include them, vacuuming, washing the floors, the windows, etc. The idea is to make your home look as if no one has lived in it before. This will attract travelers in large numbers.  Lastly, the landscape around your vacation home is well trimmed. This should be appropriately taken care of, or your home will quickly become a weed-infested lot.


When it comes to providing travelers with everything they expect from a stay in your home, just imagine yourself in their shoes and think about what you would need to have for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Once your guests are satisfied, they can recommend the property to their friends and also leave positive feedbacks. If you fulfill these guidelines, your vacation home will be ready for vacation property management.

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