Traveling to Minneapolis is always exciting for visitors. It’s also a chance to put some sustainable travel practices into place while discovering a new destination. It doesn’t take much to reduce your carbon footprint and leave the city a bit more green in the process.

Change Up Your Mode of Transportation with an Eco-Friendly Focusbikes lined up at a bike share

A trip to Minneapolis is an opportunity to enjoy a very walkable cityscape. In fact, it’s quite easy to leave your vehicle parked and explore comfortably at your own, strolling pace. Another great option that’s even better for the environment than the vehicle you arrive in is to rent a bike and explore the many trails that wind their way through the city too. In total, the city boasts more than 98 miles of bike lanes and 101 miles of off-street trails, and designated bikeways as well. That means there’s no shortage of options for exploring new areas every day of your stay. If you happen to be the type of traveler that likes to get around in a unique style wherever you roam, your trip to Minneapolis can be even more sustainable when you book a segway tour. These eco-friendly excursions can be customized as history-focused or nature outings depending on what you prefer. If you absolutely have to get around with a vehicle, making your trip a more sustainable travel experience is as simple as opting to use rideshares every once in a while instead of hopping behind the wheel yourself.

Pack Reusable Grocery Bags if You Plan to Cook

Travelers heading to Minneapolis that have plans to stay in a vacation rental frequently have access to a full kitchen on-site where they can serve up breakfast, lunch, or dinner options when cravings come calling. If this is in your plans, there’s a good chance a trip or two to the grocery store will be on your itinerary. When that’s the case, consider packing reusable grocery bags to use during your stay to make it a more eco-friendly and sustainable travel experience from start to finish.

Get Picky About Your Restaurant SelectionsProduce on a cutting board

Minneapolis is brimming over with savory restaurants, cafes, and eateries to enjoy while you’re in town. Those who are looking to enhance their sustainable travel practices can start by getting picky about their destinations when dining out. Take a little time to browse the many farm-to-table restaurant options throughout the city. Dining at these establishments ensures you’ll be investing in local ingredients and businesses as well as enjoying sustainably produced dishes. It’s a small step that can make a big impact on both the community you’ve come to visit and the surrounding environment.

Leave the Outdoors as You Find Them

Minneapolis has plenty of urban parks to its name and access to the water is simple when you’re looking to enjoy everything from canoeing to kayaking. Leaving everything in nature when you’re out and about exactly as you it as you found it is important when it comes to traveling sustainably.  Be sure to pack away trash, stick to designated trails, and keep wildlife watching at a safe distance.

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