There are many reasons travelers might find themselves planning a long-term stay in the exciting and inviting city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. While some come this way for an extended stay due to work responsibilities, others come to scope out a new destination to call home. Whether you’re fortunate enough to be spending an extended period of time here in the name of vacation fun with family and friends, or you’re looking to close that next big deal, having the right accommodations in place can make all the difference. That’s where the team at Minnestay comes in. Our long-term rentals throughout Minneapolis are designed to both keep guests close to the places they want to experience and explore while infusing the best of luxury, comfort, and convenience into their extended stay as well.  

Options You Deserve at Every Turn

At Minnestay, we know that every guest who books a long-term rental through our team has a different list of preferences in place and varying ideas of what will make their getaway exceptional. That’s why our collection of long-term rentals is vast and varied, offering guests access to prime area neighborhoods and versatile accommodations that exceed expectations at every turn too. Our long-term rental options are always built around quality, comfort, and exceptional style standards whether guests opt for a city loft, a cozy lake cabin, a spacious home, or a luxury estate to enjoy during their stay. We’re proud to provide long-term rental options to guests in the North Loop area as well, which is known for its vibrant ambiance and easy access to great restaurants, clubs, bars, and breweries too. Looking for a long-term rental in Minneapolis that comes with extras like free parking or pet-friendly living options? We have those in place as well! 

Amenities Designed to Inspire Lakefront home living room.

When you book your long-term rental through Minnestay, you’ll always have options to customize the experience. That’s because our property options are designed with the amenities in place that are meant to inspire starting the moment you arrive! Whether you’re looking for a property to enjoy long-term that’s suitable for two guests, or you’re traveling with a large group and need a multi-level retreat instead, we have you covered. Our long-term rentals are often designed for open-concept living which enhances the overall feeling of living space—especially when it’s paired up with vaulted ceilings. Where large windows in our long-term rentals enhance the view and promote light flow, collections of stylish and tastefully incorporated furnishings ensure guests have a cozy place to settle in every day of their stay. From homes with offices and furnished decks to those that feature custom-built bedrooms, fireplaces, and large yards, creating a long-term stay that fits your style is a breeze when you book with us. At Minnestay, we’re also ready and waiting to offer long-term guests access to our concierge services to elevate the experience even further. 

Book Your Getaway Today

No matter how long you’re planning to stay in Minneapolis, how many fellow travelers you arrive alongside, or when you plan to travel, the team at Minnestay is here to make sure you have amazing and customized accommodations to match. Reach out to learn more about our exciting and inviting property options including our long-term rentals for your next extended stay.