When it’s time to get down to business, set your professional sights on making corporate travel plans to Minnesota. Whether you’re planning your next team-building event or attending a local convention, our beloved city is the perfect place to balance the best of professional goals and team-building fun. The Minneapolis/St. Paul area is particularly appealing for corporate travelers who are excited to infuse fun, flavor, and plenty of professional growth opportunities into their stay as well.  

Must-Have Items For Your Minnesota Corporate Travel

1. A Prime Location for Corporate Travel and Retreats

Making your way to Minnesota in the name of corporate travel is a breeze thanks to the simple access route along I-35. Those who are flying in will find the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport a perfectly convenient option as well thanks to a long lineup of servicing airlines and just as many rental car options to choose from on-site.  

2. Inspired Landscapes

When you’re traveling for work or planning a corporate retreat, enjoying time experiencing the local area affords the opportunity for your team to discover personal interests, establish common ground, and grow together. Minneapolis is brimming with exciting activities and experiences, including: 

  • Visiting the gorgeous lakes.
  • Exploring local parks.
  • Attending a performance at one of the many theaters or music venues.
  • Taking a break by shopping around the city. 
  • Stopping by one of the museums and learning the fascinating history of the Twin Cities.
  • Grabbing your clubs and teeing off at one of the inspiring golf courses.  

3. Enjoy Meetings Over Delicious Meals

While time outside is sure to inspire, Minnesota is just as lucrative for corporate travelers when it comes to places to enjoy a delicious meal. Work meetings and team-building outings are made that much more effective when you have access to great restaurants in North Loop or Brainerd! Minnesota is truly a one-stop resource for everything from sensational steakhouses and pasta stops as well as breweries, pubs, BBQ joints, and beyond. Whether it’s an elegant meal to sign off on your next big deal, or you’re looking for a casual place to relax with colleagues after a day of brainstorming projects, Minnesota’s culinary scene has you covered. 

4. Incorporate Health into Your Corporate Travel Plans

When corporate travelers heading to Minnesota know they’ll be working hard, it’s also great to know there are options to play hard too out on the trails. The state is filled with fantastic bike trails to explore while you’re here that meander alongside waterways and offer up a chance for travelers to build healthy routines into their getaway.  

5. Book Corporate Accommodations in Style

While Minnesota is a place where corporate travelers can easily access great event venues, restaurants, scenery, outdoor fun and team-building opportunities, it’s also a destination where you can incorporate luxury, comfort, and style into your corporate stay when you partner with the team at Minnestay. Be sure to reach out today to learn more about our exciting property options that elevate your corporate travel in luxury and convenience no matter when travel plans bring you in this direction.