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When it comes to making the most out of your investment property, Minnestay can help! Here’s why we offer the best Minnesota vacation property management.

The Best Bars in Minneapolis, MN

Don’t forget about the many timeless bars in Minneapolis that continue to serve stiff cocktails, classic tallboys, and trendy seltzers in a fun atmosphere. And, luckily for you, Minnestay’s city lofts and luxury estates are just a short walk, Lime ride, or Uber shuttle from the hippest watering holes in the state’s largest city.

6 Advantages of Partnering with a Vacation Rental Management Company

Most people are aware of the advantages of owning a vacation rental property, and know the basic advantages of partnering with a vacation property management company; such as having help to oversee maintenance projects, finances, and listings. However, few people are aware of the benefits of hiring a vacation property management company from the customer’s (renter’s) perspective. The truth is that we live in an age where one-on-one renting is a thing of the past. The vacation rental industry is now to the point where many people will only deal with professional vacation companies, finding them safer and more secure [...]

5 Key Features to Owning a Profitable Rental Property

It’s great to own a vacation home, but unless you are able to visit it regularly, it is just something that’s collecting dust and piling up expenses. Renting out your vacation home as a rental is a good way to get a solid return on your investment, or create a new cash flow. You have obviously chosen the property for the features that appealed to you, but there are things you need to ensure or do to make it a profitable rental property for others. 5 IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY FEATURES TO OWNING A PROFITABLE VACATION RENTAL 1. LOCATION Location is [...]

6 Tips for Staging Your Vacation Property to Attract Renters

When it comes to renting out your vacation property, you want to make sure you’ve done everything possible to gain a competitive advantage. That’s where staging your vacation property for renters comes into play. Staging your rental property offers many more benefits than just aesthetics, and while it might seem easy to decorate a bit, staging can be a challenge even for the most seasoned experts. In this article, we’ll shed some light on 6 tips for staging your vacation property to attract renters. But first, let’s discuss a little more about what staging a vacation property entails. STAGING [...]

7 Tips to Drive Return Business for Your Vacation Rental Property

With the increased popularity of  vacation property rentals, the market has become very competitive. As a solo investor, the competition can seem scary. Huge global websites like Airbnb, HomeAway, Expedia, and TripAdvisor have vacation rental listings by the bucketload. If you choose not to list on one of these websites or others, you need to have a very solid marketing plan by which you can get your property noticed and ultimately, rented to paying customers. And, even if you are on a listing site, making money on a rental property still involves input on your part to secure rentals and attract repeat customers. THE [...]