Who serves the best waffles in Minneapolis?

Almost everyone craves waffles sometimes. Not everyone is so excited about making waffles. Minneapolis is fortunate to have some outstanding and inventive restaurants well-known for incredibly delicious waffles. Each local restaurant well-known for waffles has unique differences that set them apart from the others. Ultimately, it’s all about the craving.

The Boiler Room simply features a few breakfast options on the menu and what they’re serving is served well, conjuring memories of homestyle cooking from another era. For better than good old fashioned waffles, Boiler Room Coffee is the place. Their Fancy Waffles are reviewed as tasting “heavenly”, and “light, fluffy and filling” on their web site. Boiler Room Coffee is at the southern edge of Downtown Minneapolis and a short Uber, bicycle or scooter ride from our vacation stays Downtown Rockstar, Sable Condos and Victorian Ivy. The atmosphere is low key, staff is friendly, and prices are affordable.

In its vibrant and diverse Uptown location, Waffle Bar serves a unique bubble waffle with a variety of taste sensations. Bubble waffles originated in Hong Kong and Waffle Bar has enhanced the old Chinese recipe into Uptown Minneapolis delights. Choose from a variety of ice cream or fruit waffle sweet treats or waffle snacks that include meat and savory flavorings. Waffle bar also serves an interestingly healthy selection of drink options, including fruit teas, milk teas, smoothies with drink topping options and specialty drinks.  If you’re staying at Minnestay’s Luxury Georgian Mansion or Kenwood Manor vacation homes, Waffle Bar is a conveniently close commute.

Black Coffee and Waffle Bar in the Como area of Minneapolis may take more effort to find. But it’s on a bus line and a popular destination that’s worth the trip. Its website advertises “waffles are made with fresh ingredients and toppings made in house.“ If you’re looking for caffeine, Black Coffee and Waffle Bar is serious about the quality and sourcing of products used in the hot and cold coffee, expresso and non-coffee drinks made by their baristas. Their coffee beans mostly come from local coffee roasters, they use locally sourced milk free of anti-biotics and growth hormones, and also make many of the syrups in house. Being in the neighborhood close to The University of Minnesota, it’s also a popular hangout for students.

Several Minneapolis restaurants that serve waffles have caught on to the chicken and waffles trend. The fascinating thing about this is the variety of additional ingredients combined with chicken and waffles by different food establishments. Some restaurants have tried this trend only to fail and wipe it off their menu. The Nicollet Diner in Downtown Minneapolis specializes in American fare and serves breakfast 24/7 serves a fried chicken and waffles plate complete with gravy almost sure to satisfy cravings for the traditional. Waffle bar makes an outstanding non-traditional effort with their minimalist serving size, unique bubble waffle texture and gluten-free chicken chunks, enhanced with garlic butter and maple syrup. Soul Bowl at the North Loop’s Graze  makes two outstanding chicken waffle bowls that are far from traditional and very tantalizing to tastebuds. If you stay with Minnestay in one of our Sable vacation rentals and you like chicken with waffles and unique taste combinations, you might want to try the Rude Boi Jerk chicken and waffles with plantains, pineapple, green onion and jerk maple syrup or F.U.B.U fried chicken and waffles with turkey bacon, spiced peaches, and smoked syrup.

One more waffle temptation is at the Birchwood Café in Seward, and probably only available during autumn months. Are you ready to experience a waffle made with pumpkin, parmesan and scallions, served with sage butter?

Minneapolis has a great variety of waffle choices for diverse tastes and these are some of the most popular.

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