Finding the perfect vacation neighborhood within your idyllic vacation can be a little confusing, especially if you have never explored the city you are visiting before. No one wants to stay in a vacation home that is stuck in the middle of nowhere, that may be in a neighborhood that is less than safe, or even one that is more known for its businesses than its homes, and we at Minnestay want to ensure that our guests are happy, content, and more than satisfied with the neighborhood in which their vacation dream home is located. This guide to the best places to stay in Minneapolis (and St. Paul) will showcase all the possibilities of a vacation that outshines all others. 


Bloomington, MN

After World War II was over, the future of America looked bright and the need for homes for these shiny, successful people started a construction boom that matched the pace of the baby boom that began around this time. Bloomington, was one of those neighborhoods, with many of its homes still standing today, offering manicured yards in a vibrant community that stands out among others, perhaps in part to its Mall of America. The Mall of America is our nation’s largest mall, large enough to be considered another Minneapolis neighborhood and is one of the biggest draws to the town of Bloomington.  

St. Paul 

St. Paul is known as the twin city to Minneapolis and is the second largest city in the state, as well as being our state’s capital. Known for having more city shoreline on the Mississippi than any other city it is also acclaimed for its beautiful parks and charming neighborhoods, many of which are the location of our Minnestay vacation sanctuaries. Offering both a big city amenities and small town charm, visitors can’t help but feel at home when staying in our homes, with friendly neighbors always waving and saying hey as they pass. Home to the Cathedral of St. Paul, a Roman Catholic church built at the turn of the 20th century, the city also has the feel of a European town, where elaborate churches and cathedrals can often be found around every corner. 

St. Paul

North Loop, Arts District, & Uptown 

While Bloomington is its own town and St. Paul, is a thriving metropolis of its own merit, North Loop, the Arts District, and Uptown are thriving communities located in the city of Minneapolis. North Loop, named for the Trolley line in the 1800s became a vibrant and bustling manufacturing center famed for Milky Way candy bars and for constructing over half a million Model T’s at the Ford Plant. The Arts District is a popular area filled with galleries, studios, and, as one might expect, innovative restaurants serving delicious foods. And Uptown? This hub of Minneapolis has often been compared to the East Village in Manhattan, home to the counterculture, artists, and musicians. 

Best Places for Families to Stay 

Any of these thriving communities and towns should be considered family friendly and our Minnestay sanctuaries located within are destined to become an integral part of your vacation experience. Reserve your favorite escape today!