Three cocktails.

Your cabin is your home away from home, and while you’re relaxing this summer, why not try out a new cocktail? There are few escapes as relaxing as spending time at your cabin. If you’re using vacation property management to book your cabin, then you’ll enjoy an even more amazing experience: all of the finer details will have been taken care of, and all you’ll have to do is show up and enjoy your time there!

We’ve done the legwork to find some of the best summertime cocktails. Each one has a short description including ingredients, and if you’re interested in learning more, you can simply click the link for the full recipe. If you want the ultimate list of summer cocktails, then look no further! Here are the 8 best summer cocktails to enjoy at your cabin:


This fresh, delicious cocktail combines aromatic vanilla and sweet cherry with bourbon for a drink that you’ll love. Using fresh cherries and pure vanilla extract, you’ll combine bourbon with other ingredients – lemon juice, club soda, and sugar – to make a drink that you can enjoy by yourself or with a crowd. The bourbon offers the kick you’re looking for, and the vanilla and cherry offer a tasty and sweet balance that will please your taste buds. Get the full recipe here.


Are you in the mood for something fresh and fizzy? This cocktail is a breeze to make, thanks to a short ingredients list that includes lime juice, triple sec, vanilla vodka, champagne, and watermelon cubes. This cocktail is light and cool, offering the perfect pairing with grilled and barbecued foods. Read more about this cocktail here.


As the name indicates, Sunset Punch is a sweet way to end the day. Combine pineapple rings, grenadine, white rum, Campari, pineapple juice, lime juice, and ginger beer for a tasty, cool way to call it a day. Sunset Punch is fairly easy to make, and it’s really just a matter of mixing together ingredients and enjoying an evening of bliss at your cabin! See the Sunset Punch recipe here.


If you’re a fan of the traditional Moscow Mule, then you’ll enjoy mixing it up a bit. Top off the perfect day at your cabin with this blend of vodka, ginger beer, lemon, and fresh basil for a taste that’s light, fruity, and refreshing. Moscow Mules are a year-round favorite for many, and the Peach Basil Moscow Mule gives you the chance to try a favorite drink with a tasty twist while you enjoy your time on vacation. You can see the full recipe for the Peach Basil Moscow Mule here.


The original recipe doesn’t call for alcohol, but you can easily add a bit of vodka or tequila to this cooler to make the perfect adult beverage. The only other ingredients you’ll need are agave nectar, an orange, and green tea bags. This fruity concoction is perfect if you enjoy citrus and tea, and it gives you the perfect base for a tasty cocktail. Check out the recipe here – but don’t forget to add a splash of alcohol!


A summer day at the cabin wouldn’t be complete without sweet strawberries, and this cocktail combines strawberries with lemon, rum, lemon juice, and sugar cane syrup for a rich, fruity, flavorful taste that you – and your guests – will love! If you’re a fan of mojitos, then you’ll love this recipe. Easy to make and delicious, you’ll want to make these again and again! You can see the full recipe for Strawberry-Lemon Mojiitos here.


If you’re looking for something that is both crowd-pleasing and easy to make, then you’ll want to check out Kentucky Lemonade! This is a refreshing classic that your guests will enjoy – and you’ll love. This recipe calls for common ingredients such as lemon juice, mint leaves, Bourbon, and ginger ale to deliver the perfect adult version of lemonade. If you’re in the mood for adult lemonade, then this is the recipe that you’re looking for! The full Kentucky Lemonade recipe is available here.


Cucumber and honeydew? We know, you’ve got questions, but trust us, the combination is delicious! If you want to relax with a tasty beverage in your hand, then look no further. This recipe calls for fennel seeds, lemon juice, honey, gin, and a lime – and of course, cucumber and honeydew. This recipe does take a bit longer to prepare than the others, but the end result is a refreshing drink you can sip and save or share with friends! See the entire Cucumber Honeydew Freeze recipe here.

Your cabin is a place for well-earned peace and tranquility, and rightfully so! When you’re relaxing at your cabin, you know that you’re away from responsibilities, chores, work, and the stresses of day to day life. If you’ve worked with a vacation property management company to arrange your cabin stay, then you’ll enjoy extra perks: fresh bedding, a clean home away from home, and all the little amenities you love.

The best part? You won’t have to worry about taking care of it. If you have any problems, help is just a phone call or email away. A weekend stay at your cabin will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to tackle life when you get back to it. Plus, with this list in-hand, you can enjoy some tasty beverages while you’re there!

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