US Bank Stadium exterior.

If you haven’t heard already, Minneapolis will host Super Bowl LII at the new U.S. Bank Stadium on February 4, 2018. Minneapolis and surrounding communities will be hosting thousands of members of the media in town to cover the event and are expecting more than a million visitors throughout the 10 days of festivities leading up to the Big Game.

Of course, if you’re a true Minnesotan, you have dreams of grandeur, or delusions, that our very own Minnesota Vikings’ will be showcasing their talents while playing in Super Bowl 52. ‘Skol Vikings’

So “You Betcha” there is going to be some opportunities to cash in on this iconic event. However, with all this hype most people suddenly think that they can put their place on Airbnb and make a small fortune. And while this is a fantastic opportunity to bring in some extra income, don’t be misled to think you can list your property for $10,000 a day and think you are going to cash in. Not to say it couldn’t happen. But more often than not, you will do a lot of extra work getting ready for the pay day only to find you did a lot of work for not. Ask those that tried to do that for the Ryder’s cup this year and found their place sitting empty. Loads of properties were still available on Airbnb and VRBO during the event. I made the same mistake for the X-games this year and overpriced a few units that sat empty during the event. Think logically and heed some advice so you can cash in on the event and not sit around scratching your head with the misconception that you were going to pull down $50,000 to $100,000 and take the rest of the year off.

Here’s a tip I will share with you which is a suggestion from the HomeAway and VRBO’s platform. The typical Super Bowl price is about three times the normal rate. Which can be very attractive for a place that would normally rent out for around $3,000 a week. Just think what you can do with an extra $9,000 or more during the winter months.

Following is a list of benefits for people to rent out their homes when the Super Bowl descends on Minnesota in February.


I already mentioned this a little. But let’s face it, during one of the world’s most watched sporting events visitors will be coming to town to either watch the game, provide coverage of the event, or to sell stuff. And Minneapolis has roughly 49 hotels with total number of rooms around 10,864. Leaving a demand for vacation homes to fill the gap in accommodations that are needed close to the U.S. Bank Stadium for this colossal event. So the opportunity to make anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 is possible.


With this extra found cash, what better way to spend it than get out of town. I don’t mean going to Rochester for the week. I’m talking about heading to some dreamy sunny destination with sandy beaches, umbrellas in your drink and the sound of Ocean waves lapping on the seashore. Did I mention before we are talking about February here, when the coldest temperature on record was a balmy -60 F on February 2, 1996. And considering you just rented your place out, you must go somewhere, so where have you been dreaming about going? Here is the perfect opportunity.


‘Uff-da,’ with a million-people descending into our lovely city, getting around is going to be a nightmare ‘Dontcha Know’. You thought the commute to work was disheartening before. Just wait until you’re sitting in traffic for a couple extra hours each day. You will be wishing that you took our advice and rented out your place, took off from work and were soaking up some rays while sipping your favorite beverage.

‘Jeez Louise’ You have no idea how to make this work. Let’s face it, the how to, is a big part of being successful during the Super Bowl. There are so many questions, like who will take the photos, where do I list it and what about the legal issues and contracts? Do I have to store everything, where do I put our family keepsakes or valuables? What needs to be included in a vacation rental? ‘Holy Buckets’ The list goes on and on. What once looked like easy money is starting to get a little overwhelming.

Don’t Sweat It. MINNESTAY has you covered. We have the know-how and wherewithal to make renting your place for the Super Bowl VII a huge Success. Partner with an experienced vacation rental property management service provider and receive the following.

  • Professional Listing Creation
  • 3D Virtual Tour of your home and photos
  • Rate Intelligence
  • Provide Guest Pass for guests
  • Ability to accept Credit Cards
  • CSA damage insurance on every listing
  • Expert advice on how to stage it for the Super Bowl
  • Packing and storage services for the rental period
  • Finding and vetting all renters
  • Legally produced Short Term rental contracts
  • Someone to hand over the keys and meet the guests
  • Handling of questions and issues that come up
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Marketing and Distribution

Not only do we promote your property on the leading websites below, we’re connected to 1,000 + listing agents. Plus, we have an extensive database of clientele, promotion ads and targeted marketing happening for the event.

Listing agents list.
Take the hassle out of renting your place for the Super Bowl this February and start making vacation plans to avoid the hustle and bustle and sub-zero temperatures.

Our rental management services cover everything you will need. We have taken an innovative, full-service approach to this business, so you can leave everything up to us whether you are a property owner or a visitor. Leaving nothing to chance, we are meticulous about our planning so that you don’t have to be.

‘For Crying out loud’ DO NOT DELAY. Super Bowl VII is only months away. Partner with Minnestay and make the most of the NFL’s biggest game of the year.

Please fill out the form below and one of our professional staff will contact you to discuss all the options and services we provide to make this Super EASY.