Wooden bench

As a cabin owner, you get the chance to step back and take on a new creative role. Whether you spend time in your cabin regularly or use it as a rental property, you get the unique opportunity to decorate your cabin with the furniture and decor that gives your cabin its personality and character. Is your cabin rustic? Hunting and fishing themed? Is it chic? With your furniture and accessories, you can further define the look and feel of your cabin. In this article, we’re going to outline 10 DIY cabin furniture and DIY cabin accessories that you can create for your cabin.


Make your cabin feel like your home away from home, or make your Minnesota cabin rental someone else’s home away from home, by creating a custom coffee table. While it might seem like an overwhelming task, building a coffee table doesn’t have to be hard. If you want a simple project, you can design and build your own coffee table using wooden pallets. Or, if you want to do something a little more advanced, you can look into using solid and natural woods.


You can create a homemade bench to adorn any interior or exterior seating area. When it comes to DIY cabin furniture, a bench is easy and flexible. You can choose from various materials, including pallets, other woods, and even cinderblock, and you can pick the size, color, and design of your beautiful cabin bench. A bench made with love is a warm welcome for your renters!


Creating the perfect fireplace mantel for your cabin is a great way to put a personal touch on your place without breaking the bank. With just a few tools and materials, you can create one of those DIY cabin accessories that stands out. You can choose your material (even inexpensive boards can be used), color, or texture. For instance, you could paint your mantel or simply go for an aged look. There’s nothing quite like the charm of a handcrafted mantel above a fireplace!


Your Minnesota cabin rental bedrooms can get a major facelift with one simple touch: a custom headboard. Creating a headboard is a fun project because the sky is the limit. Put your creativity to work choosing materials and colors. For instance, you could use rustic boards with white Christmas lights for a beautiful look. Or, you could recycle pallets for a simple and elegant approach. No matter what you decide, a beautiful headboard is always cherished.


Shelving is a great way to add a unique touch to your Minnesota cabin rental. Simple boards and natural wood can be transformed into stunning shelves for any room. Leaving natural wood unfinished offers an alluring appearance, but you could even paint your boards any color that accentuates your cabin. Custom shelving is decorative and functional, which is a winner for you and your renters!


When it comes to DIY cabin accessories, a coat rack is hard to pass up. This particular accessory comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes – your imagination truly is the only limit. A simple well-finished board with sturdy hooks can serve as a coat rack, as well as an oar, old shutter, or anything else offering a rustic look for your cabin. Whether you go with a rustic, chic, or contemporary style, your renters will love this special touch!


Enjoying a relaxing cabin vacation often calls for a nice bottle of wine. Why not treat your renters by offering a custom-made wine rack? If you are experienced in woodworking or metalworking, then you can easily create your own wine storage. Even if you aren’t experienced in these areas, you can still create beautiful wine storage by either repurposing rustic pieces of furniture and accessories or using a simple design. Don’t worry about creating a elaborate wine cellar, most wines don’t improve with age and can be stored anywhere that is under 70 degrees.


Creating DIY cabin accessories doesn’t have to be hard, especially when it comes to jewelry organization. You can repurpose a photo frame to with handles and hooks to create a chic jewelry hanger, or you can The bottom of any shelf can be transformed into a jewelry hanger by installing hooks. There is an endless list of ways you could create a beautiful jewelry hanger that your renters will love!


Do you have unused or antique boards just sitting around? Instead of letting them go to waste, you could create a wood planked wall. The look of a wood planked wall is native to cabins, and it offers an eye-catching appeal. Will you finish your boards or give them an aged look? No matter which way you choose, you’ll be able to craft them into a wall with this project. When your renters step foot into your cabin, their eyes won’t pass up the charm of your wood planked wall.


Nothing says cabin life like a day on the water or in the woods. As families enjoy your Minnesota cabin rental, they’ll be trekking in and out. One way to help them is to offer an area for shoe storage. Shoe racks and organizational storage can be made from recycled boards or built from scratch. No matter which design you choose, shoe storage is an inexpensive yet functional accessory for your cabin.

When prepping your Minnesota cabin rental, you’re probably accustomed to focusing on cleaning and decluttering, but staging is also important. When you integrate special little touches, you give renters the feel of home and the feeling that the cabin owners are proud to offer a special home away from home.

Any of the items on this list can be made with versatility, meaning you can choose the simplicity or complexity of the design. You can pick the colors, the materials, and everything else, which really puts power in your hands. If you want to help your renters feel at home while flexing your creative skills, try creating DIY cabin furniture or DIY cabin accessories!

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