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Planning Your Minnesota Yacht Club Festival Experience

One of the best ways to enjoy an authentic vacation experience in the town you are visiting is by exploring the festivals and events that best represent the spirit of the town. This summer, if your visiting and staying in our Minnestay escapes, we recommend experiencing the Minnesota Yacht Club Festival. Taking place in the heart of downtown St. Paul at the Harriet Island Regional Park, this two-day music fest promises to keep your toes tapping while it fills your heart with love for our beautiful state, the stunning town of St. Paul, and when you head home each evening, the comfortable joys found in our North Star State sanctuaries.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Minnesota Yacht Club Festival

Recover in Comfort After Your Days at the Festival

After a day spent enjoying too many margaritas, crowds, and the loud music played by some of your favorite bands coming home to the quiet serenity of our Minnestay summer sanctuaries will help you gently recover and recharge so you are ready to return for day two of the festival. Reserve your favorite home sweet home today!