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Where is the Best Distillery in Minneapolis?

By now, you likely know all about the Twin Cities’ soaring craft beer scene in both lively Minneapolis and understated St. Paul. But a new movement has officially caught the attention of those with a fondness of fine spirits: craft distilling. Minnesotans never lost their desire for beautifully-concocted cocktails after Prohibition was repealed. However, it wasn’t until the 21st century that highly-skilled entrepreneurs once again began to mull over the idea of building a distillery in Minneapolis from scratch, using nothing but grit, dexterity, and passion for spirits. Today, micro-distilleries are popping up all over the Twin Cities like dandelions [...]

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Plan a Bachelor Party in Minneapolis

Locating a bachelor party in Minneapolis during the summertime is as easy as walking with your head up along Nicollet Mall or Hennepin Avenue on a Saturday night. Oftentimes, a bachelor party and a bachelorette party cross paths in-between nightclub stints and simply high five, giggle, or hoot and holler. As someone who has planned, executed, and survived a rousing bachelor party in Minneapolis, this article is packed with insider knowledge, hidden gems, and necessary stops. It’s also worth noting that Minnestay, one of the state’s largest vacation rental management companies, has a fleet of luxurious city lofts on all [...]

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Summertime Feels: The Top 3 Minneapolis Music Festivals

Minnehaha Falls remains frozen mid-spill as if time stands still. The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden’s pristine grounds are blanketed in several layers of snow. Residents and travelers alike continue to seek refuge from the cold by slipping into award-winning craft breweries, upscale restaurants, and sleek coffee shops. And yet, spring is so close that we can practically see the lapping waves of the newly-thawed Lake of the Isles, smell in the wildflowers inside Eloise Butler Bird Sanctuary, and feel the sun’s golden rays baking our skin for the first time since early October. That’s right: music festival season is practically just [...]

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Mystery Solved: The Best Escape Room in Minneapolis

In just five short years, the U.S. welcomed over 2,300 new escape rooms. In 2014, only 24 escape rooms existed, none of which resided in the Twin Cities. Today, thousands of locals and travelers alike are Googling “puzzle rooms near me” or “cheap escape rooms near me” in search of an exciting team-building or group-friendly activity. Thankfully, the options in Minneapolis and St. Paul are not only abundant, but they’re earning five-star reviews across the board. Without visiting each site at least once, it’s nearly impossible to select the best escape room in Minneapolis. That being said, enough members of [...]

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The Top 3 St Paul Breweries

Craft beer’s meteoric rise over the past decade here in the Twin Cities should come as no surprise as Minneapolis and St. Paul were both bursting with breweries post-Prohibition. The industry’s re-emergence didn’t truly transpire until former Governor Mark Dayton signed the now-celebrated Surly Bill in 2011. Once the state’s few breweries were officially able to legally sell pints of beer on-site, everyone and their mother began to hatch plans to open a taproom. The Minneapolis and St. Paul brewery scene has reached its pinnacle as the wheat has seemingly separated itself from the chaff. While it’s not as [...]

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