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8 Reasons to Make Money Off Your Lake Cabin When You’re Not Using It

Many look forward to spending time in their lake cabin. From beautiful scenery to calm surroundings, lake cabins are the perfect place to make memories. When you first purchased your cabin you mostly likely planned on visiting frequently, be it every weekend or once a month. But as time goes on, life can sometimes get in the way of your cabin time. From your children’s after school activities to conflicting life obligations, there are are number of reasons why you may find yourself visiting your cabin less and less. And while you still may visit occasionally, your cabin now sits [...]

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7 Tips to Stay Warm in your Winter Cabin

Few experiences can evoke the same wanderlust as overnighting in a vacation home through winter. Whether the location offers a lakeside vista or a mountain hideaway, there is simply no substitute for the romanticism and opportunity to unwind in the presence of nature. At the same time, there are several factors that can make or break such an adventurous outing and cold weather is certainly one of these ominous possibilities. However, from layered clothing and savvy insulation to smart features and useful gadgets; there are many ways to stay warm in your winter vacation property this year and here are [...]

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10 DIY Cabin Furniture and Accessories

As a cabin owner, you get the chance to step back and take on a new creative role. Whether you spend time in your cabin regularly or use it as a rental property, you get the unique opportunity to decorate your cabin with the furniture and decor that gives your cabin its personality and character. Is your cabin rustic? Hunting and fishing themed? Is it chic? With your furniture and accessories, you can further define the look and feel of your cabin. In this article, we’re going to outline 10 DIY cabin furniture and DIY cabin accessories that you can [...]

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8 Best Ice Fishing Spots in Minnesota

If you want to have fun in the dead of winter, there is perhaps no greater option available in Minnesota than ice fishing. Known for its lush landscapes and its abundant waters, Minnesota is home to some of the highest-quality ice fishing spots in the world. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to spend a week or so out in the wilderness or a lifelong fisherman who wants to get down to business, there is something for you to be found around Minnesota, and Minnestay’s vacation home rental offerings complement these spots very well. To get you started as you search out the [...]

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Winterize your Summer Cabin Checklist

When winter comes around, you’ll want to make sure that your summer cabin is winterized and ready for the change in weather. Even if you plan to spend a portion of your winter there, you should take steps to ensure that your summer cabin is ready to withstand the inevitable cold. The cold months are coming, and in this article, we’re going to give you some tips to winterize your summer cabin. Start out by ensuring that all of your summer cabin’s plumbing is taken care of and is prepared for the winter. As you probably already know, one of [...]

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