How Renting an RV is the Perfect Summer Vacation for Your Family

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How Renting an RV is the Perfect Summer Vacation for Your Family

Added: Oct 02, 2018
Category: RVing

How Renting an RV is the Perfect Summer Vacation for Your Family


There are many clichés and sayings about road trips, but the thing about clichés is that they arise from the inevitable or the truth. The freedom of the open road is definitely one that springs to mind when it comes to taking an RV vacation. Modern recreational vehicles are awesome, and ideal for a summer vacation, and needless to say, there are many reasons for this being the case.


Taking an RV on a Family Vacation Can Be Awesome


If you are not lucky enough to have your own RV, it’s easy to rent one and enjoy a great vacation. When you are renting an RV, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a reputable company with good, well-maintained motor homes in a range of sizes. If it is your first time renting an RV it helps to understand your options because not all recreation vehicles are equal. There are various categories of RVs, based on size and the number of people they can accommodate, with A class being the largest. It pays to tour the RV before signing the rental contract. Don’t assume that because it sleeps six, that means it sleeps six comfortably. Assemble all the beds so you can judge the sleeping arrangements for yourself. Also, check what comes in the price and in the RV, and what you might have to provide yourself or pay extra to the rental company. And lastly, remember that driving an RV is different to driving a car so ask for a test drive first.


Benefits of an RV Vacation for the Family


All ages can enjoy an RV vacation, so renting an RV is going to give you some happy memories and great photos. And there are some great benefits that come along with vacationing in an RV that the whole family will enjoy.


Flexibility and Freedom

Other than camping, an RV vacation offers the greatest flexibility of all vacation types. You are not tied to any schedule and you can come and go as you please. Your itinerary is completely in your hands and if you are not particularly enamoured by a place, you can just move on.


Cost Effective

Renting an RV is one of the cheapest ways to go on vacation. Although there are rental and fuel costs, it is still cheaper than hotels or airfare. Some sources quote that an RV vacation can be up to 78% cheaper than a hotel or resort vacation. Although you have to pay pitch fees, they are much cheaper than hotel rooms, and the savings rise exponentially the bigger your family or vacationing party is. Renting an RV also enables you to save on food as you can cook rather than eat out or pay hotel prices.




Let’s bring in another of those aforementioned clichés. An RV is a home away from home. A home on wheels. RVs are fitted with many items you have at home, even entertainment systems, so you won’t miss the amenities you craze. You can pack anything you like to make your vacation comfortable and fun. You can come and go as you please without worrying about disturbing the neighbours, and unlike on a regular road trip in a car, you have a restroom available 24/7.



Everybody has busy lives these days, so being able to spend quality time together as a family (there’s another of those clichés!) is precious. On an RV vacation, parents can get closer to their children, engaging in fun family activities during the day and bonding further in the evenings playing games or gathering around a campfire.


Educational Opportunities

Telling kids that they can learn things on holiday can suck out their idea of a good trip, but renting an RV can foster learning in a fun and endemic way so the kids don’t even realise they are being educated. The outdoors and the sights you see, along with the places you visit, will all become a living classroom.


Explore The Great Outdoors

(Yes, there’s another one!) Wherever you are taking your trip, there will be fabulous views to see, and your RV provides a front-row seat to enjoy them. An RV trip is the opportunity to commune with the wonders of Mother Nature and gain or renew an appreciation of fresh air. You’ll see mountains, forest, rivers, lakes, and beaches with a new perspective. There are plenty of sports and activities in nature to appreciate as well, including, hiking, biking, fishing, and kayaking.


Digital Detox

Wouldn’t it be nice to escape the digital world for a while? Renting an RV is the ideal opportunity to unplug and forget all the cares of your daily grind for a while. Of course, everyone will want to take their cell phones along, but you can restrict their use and most certainly, leave the laptop at home. Cut back on wifi time and travel to new destinations where there is no cell reception.


Rent an RV for Your Next Summer Vacation


The U.S. is perfectly suited for travel by RV. Our internal road network is excellent, and getting around the country from coast to coast is very easy. You can even take your choice between major highways or country backroads. There are thousands of sites where you can set up camp, especially around the national parks, which are a favourite destination of serious RV vacationers. No matter where you go, renting an RV will give you a wonderful vacation whatever your chosen destination and route. At Minnestay, we offer a variety of rental RVs for all your vacationing needs.

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