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7 Out-of-the-Box Vacation Rental Upgrades

Added: May 27, 2018
Category: Vacation Property Management

7 Out-of-the-Box Vacation Rental Upgrades You Need to Consider Offering

To upgrade, or not to upgrade, that is the question.

To both boost the appeal of their property as a rental and to increase the overall value, vacation property owners will often upgrade prominent features of the home such as the kitchen or bathroom. After all, attractive lighting, luxurious spa-towels or a fresh coat of paint is inexpensive and somewhat upgrade for any property owner to organize for their property. However, aside from the physical appearance of the property, vacation rental upgrades is another way to entice guests into making a reservation.

There are certain vacation rental upgrades that can offer genuine value to guests and provide an opportunity for owners to help their vacation property stand out from the competition. With this in mind, here are some of the best rental upgrades you need to consider offering future guests.

1. The Private Chef

When it comes to vacation time, the last thing many guests want is to spend their time cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. In fact, for those who keep active during the day, this can be especially stressful and a real downside to their time away. As you might expect, this is even more important for remote properties which may be limited in terms of access to restaurants.

At the same time, the benefits of having a private chef should be obvious. After all, you now have world-class food without needing to leave the home and a house full of exceptional food for the duration of your stay. When guests can understand how stress-free it can be to have a private chef on location, it can be an extremely good vacation property upgrade.

2. On Location Professional Massage Professional

In light of the rather hectic schedules many people live these days, even a vacation can take its’ toll. Sometimes the only answer to stress and a need for relaxation is through treatment. Having access to a private massage therapist is a relaxing way to unwind on vacation, especially if it can be enjoyed on site.

In case you might be asking yourself, massage professionals can also cater to many different types of massage therapy including Swedish, Deep, and Sports massage. Enjoying a massage is obviously the perfect way to end an active day or simply unwind after a midday lunch. Just as importantly, this is arguably the ultimate means of relaxation and an affordable way to add some value to guests stay.

3. Fully Certified Personal Trainer on Demand

Staying motivated with your exercise routine is difficult while on vacation. Unfortunately, this often means that certain aspects of life such as fitness and training are ignored while staying at a vacation property. This is even more likely to happen on vacation and something which can make guests feel a little unhealthy or bloated by the end of a stay.

With this in mind, some savvy property managers provide the services of a personal trainer to guests staying at their vacation property. In this sense, the renter has immediate access to a certified professional and little reason to avoid the exercise which can keep their energy levels up on their vacation.

4. Amenities and Equipment

If the vacation home is in a particularly remote location or close to recreational features such as parks or the ocean, amenities can make for the perfect vacation property upgrade. For example, property managers will often provide boogie boards, surfboards, and beach toys to properties near the beach. Alternatively, bicycles and rollerblades are excellent for regions with pathways or quiet country trails. The same applies to winter vacation properties which can facilitate guests with snowboards, sleds and ski equipment.

5. Smart Technology

At a time when technology is taking over the world, smart devices are always appreciated in a vacation property. However, this is not usually a typical feature in a vacation home and something that property managers can offer as a vacation rental upgrade.

As you might expect, iPads and iPhone speakers are usually popular in this regard and these are especially useful for guests who want to stay connected or search for things to do in the area. Furthermore, have some additional phone chargers.

6. Local Tour Guides and Local Discounts

Offering the services of a local guide is a nice touch for guests in a new destination but on the other hand, providing a simple guide book is often enough. Further, discounts for local restaurants or activities are a great way to provide guests with some added convenience on their vacation. While this may not be an upgrade as such, this is certainly a way to show guests that you genuinely care about them feeling welcome in the local area.

7. Luxury Items

Providing luxury soaps, exclusive coffee or a selection of wine is another excellent vacation rental upgrade to offer guests. After all, sometimes the little things make all the difference on a romantic stay while the convenience of having wine on demand is always appreciated. As with the equipment mentioned above, this is particularly important in isolated areas or properties which may not have nearby access to such luxuries. In the case of these items not being used, they can often be returned but either way, some simple extra offerings can also help the owner demonstrate elite customer experience.

As you know, vacation rental upgrades are almost entirely optional and merely another way to enhance the local experience for guests. Indeed, while some of these may seem a little luxurious or unnecessary for some guests; it is often nice just to provide the option. Either way, the above vacation rental upgrades are simple to organize in almost any destination and an opportunity to customize each stay and nurture some especially impressive feedback.   

If you’re interested in increasing the visibility of your vacation rental property, or are looking to list it for the first time, contact us today.

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