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Try Before You Buy: 6 Reasons to Rent an RV Before You Purchase

Added: Dec 17, 2017
Category: RVing

Try Before You Buy: 6 Reasons to Rent an RV Before You Purchase

It is always very tempting to jump into the big decisions that we have to make. After all, there is a certain level of satisfaction that comes with getting any big decision over with. We want to move on to the next thing and be rid of all the stress and anxiety that comes with figuring things out. Of course, this is not the best of course action. It is never a good idea to jump ahead. Instead, when we are behaving intelligently, we realize that patience is always the better route. We take our time with our decisions, looking at all our options, weighing all the benefits and costs involved.

If only things were so simple! Alas, we are emotional creatures, prone to making choices rashly, beholden to all the whims and distractions that come our way. This is reality, and it does us no good to ignore it. There is, however, a way that we can respond to it. We can take a step back, appreciate the weight of our decision, and choose to slow down. We can choose not to make any big leaps! In terms of finding an RV, this equates to renting before buying. RV rental is the smartest decision you can make as someone who is interested in owning an RV. Here, we are going to outline six specific reasons that renting prior to buying makes all the sense in the world.

1. You can always change your mind later.

This is perhaps the most obvious reason that you should rent an RV before you ever decide on buying one. You want to allow yourself as much freedom as possible, and if you are just a renter and not an owner, you have all the freedom you could ever want and then some. Say you decide the day after you start renting your RV that it is just not for you or that you want to try out a different model: you just bring the RV back to the company that rented it out to you in the first place, simple as can be. RV rental management is designed to be easy.

2. You never need to worry about selling your RV.

If you buy an RV, you are stuck with whatever choice you make. As everyone knows, the moment you drive that vehicle off the lot, it starts to depreciate in value. That is a lot of responsibility you are taking on if you choose to buy! As a renter, however, you do not need to worry about that. You get out of the RV exactly what you put in: reselling it is never going to be your problem, so depreciation is not something that will ever come up. That is something for the owner to worry about, an anxiety that is just not a part of RV rental.

3. You can try out as many options as you want.

If you are in any way unsure about which RV model or even make that you want, then renting is absolutely the right way to go. As a renter, you could go through a dozen different RVs before ever tying yourself down to one. You could in theory try out every single make and model of RV until you find the perfect one for you! Renting opens up a wide range of possibilities, whereas buying limits you to just one choice. When you are renting an RV, you are essentially sampling what is out there without any obligations.

4. You can relax when it comes to upkeep and maintenance.

As someone who is renting an RV, you do not need to worry about the general wear and tear that are a part of driving any vehicle. Since the RV does not belong to you, it will not be incumbent upon you to pay for any upkeep or maintenance on it. This would instead be the responsibility of the company from which you are renting, saving you a ton of money in the long run.

5. Renting is a whole lot simpler!

When you decide to buy an RV, you are initiating a giant, complex process. Purchasing any vehicle is complicated, and the stress and trouble that go with this decision are unavoidable. In this way, there is no real comparison to be made to renting: RV rental is much, much easier and simpler, because someone else is taking on all the responsibility of ownership. All you do is pay your rental fee and drive. There are far fewer variables that could come up.

6. Renting is potentially cheaper.

In some instances, renting an RV could even cost less money over time than buying one outright. Because the costs of ownership tend to accumulate very quickly, and the cost of RV rental is essentially a flat fee, it is not a cut-and-dry matter on which one presents the best value. Given the convenience of RV rental management on top of this potential savings, the benefits of RV rental cannot be denied.

With regards to RV rental, everything comes down to freedom. You do not want to tie yourself down unnecessarily, right? No, you want to leave yourself open to all possibilities, and given these six specific reasons in favor of renting before buying, you would be wise to see what sort of leasing offers are available to you before you make any big decisions for yourself!

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