Cast A Line In The Land Of Ten Thousand Lakes This Spring: Minnestay

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Cast A Line In The Land Of Ten Thousand Lakes This Spring: Minnestay

Added: Mar 26, 2019
Category: Things to Do

Cast A Line In The Land Of Ten Thousand Lakes This Spring: Minnestay

When you take a Minnesota vacation with Minnestay, you will be surrounded by seemingly endless bodies of sparkling water. In the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, it’s hard not to want to cast your line. Discover the joys of a Minnesota fishing trip while staying in one of our beautiful Minnesota lake cabins or luxury home rentals and reel in fantastic catches!

An Array Of Species

Fishing Minnesota is an incredible experience as you will have a wide variety of waters, plenty of boat rentals, and an array of species that are sure to give you a thrilling experience. From classic panfish to monster muskies and northern pike, the breadth of fish living in our waters creates the perfect fishing for any level of expertise. You will find over 1,000 different species of fish swimming our Minnesota lakes and rivers, so choose your bait for what you wish to reel in, and cast away!

Take Your Pick

There are also several different ways to fish because of the changing of seasons and waters available to anglers. Summer brings the best of open water fishing for offshore and onshore casting, and winter in Minnesota is the best for ice fishing! Brainerd has an especially bountiful location for fishing Minnesota. You can easily locate each Brainerd lake as well as their size, management class, and size of the lake to have a reasonable estimate of the fish you are more likely to find where. Find yourself a boat rental and perhaps pick up a few items from local gear and bait shops to set out on your own Minnesota fishing trips from your Minnestay rental. You can check all of the regulations easily on the Brainerd Lakes website as well as the Minnesota DNR site so that you can make sure you have all of the necessary information for a smooth and enjoyable trip out.

No Better Place To Be

When it comes to fishing Minnesota lakes, staying in one of our Minnestay lake cabins is perfect for having a front row seat to the open waters. Many of our lakefront rentals are equipped with slips and docks so that you can easily access the water at any time and spend as much of your Minnesota vacation as you please bobbing with the waves. So grab your fishing gear and head to Minnesota for an unforgettable fishing excursion with Minnestay! The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes is calling your name!

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