Start Your Engines - Brainerd International Raceway

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Start Your Engines - Brainerd International Raceway

Added: Nov 05, 2018
Category: Things to Do

Start Your Engines - Brainerd International Raceway

If you find yourself on a northern vacation looking for things to do in Brainerd, MN, head over to Brainerd International Raceway for a fun day of racing! This incredible track is home to an extensive schedule of a wide variety of motorsports. From drag racing to drifting competitions and car shows, Brainerd International Raceway offers a plethora of events to entertain every kind of auto-enthusiast. Stay at the lovely Brainerd MN rentals provided by Minnestay, and enjoy relaxing in comfort once you leave the track. Continue reading to learn more about one of the most unique and exciting things to do in Brainerd, MN!

Brainerd International Raceway History

Back in 1968, a man named George Montgomery cut a route through the northern Minnesota woods and paved the way for what would become the largest raceway in the Upper Midwest. This modest track was mainly used for road racing, and quickly began to grow in popularity. By the late 1970s, Brainerd International Raceway was holding series featuring numerous NASCAR and Indy 500 drivers. In the 1980s, superbike races made their way to the Brainerd track, and riders and fans from all over the world came to Minnesota to enjoy great motorsports. Grandstands and other raceway amenities were added in the following years, slowly creating the world-class venue we see today.

Tracks and Races

A trip to the races is one of the most entertaining things to do in Brainerd, MN. With two road courses, a first-rate drag strip, driving school, lake, and campground, Brainerd International Raceway is a racing destination praised by drivers and fans throughout the country. These fantastic tracks draw premier events and crews, making for some exciting entertainment. One of the most prominent events at the raceway is the Lucas Oil NHRA Nationals. This annual late-summer drag racing event brings over 100,000 fans to the area. Make sure to snag some of the best Brainerd MN rentals with Minnestay so you can enjoy the races and relax in comfort!

Minnestay Brainerd MN Rentals

Visit our Minnestay website to learn more about the fantastic vacation rentals provided around Brainerd International Raceway. Enjoy living in luxury during your vacation up north, and make a day trip to the exciting and famous racing track. A northern Minnesota getaway is waiting for you!

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